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The concept of the Gift/Ticket is a reflection of the changes taking place in the fundraising world through “crowdfunding”. Large numbers of people making modest contributions can unlock sufficient resources for worthwhile endeavors that previously would have been associated with funding from wealthy individuals, grant-making institutions or governmental grants. All of these funding sources are likely to be necessary where our work would qualify for such support. The Gift/Ticket idea creates the possibility to build this project as one “of the people”, recognizing and participating in the creation of an artistic, global celebration. The level of individual support combined with individuals and institutional grants have made the work to date possible.

A $100.00 contribution is the cost per Gift/Ticket. With goodwill and support, In the Spirit of Steiner Festival will take place. The donor receives a voucher that can be exchanged anywhere in the world for an entrance ticket to any performance. The risk associated with the Gift/Ticket is that if we do not manage to raise sufficient capital to bring this tour into being there will be no performance to redeem the voucher for.

This relatively modest contribution allows people to share in our developmental process in a living, dynamic way. We hope it will be part of building the project as a community and friend activity towards a meaningful goal of placing our arts into a wider picture of contemporary culture. We have recently received confirmation from a European Trust that they will help support our performances in Europe. Similar efforts are underway in various locations around the world.

We hope that you will join with us in building a community of interest around the project as a whole: Symphonic Eurythmy, Shakespeare, and a new drama will bring images of the interplay between the physical and spiritual worlds onto the stage. With sufficient capital we will move directly towards venue location and local community support globally.


terms and conditions regarding GIFT tickets

I understand that:

  • Tickets are sold in units of $100.
  • My contribution is irrevocable.
  • My pre-sale gift ticket purchase will help create the necessary conditions for the successful completion of the development stage, so that In the Spirit of Steiner Festival can proceed into production and the intended tour.
  • While I gratefully accept my token coupon valid for admission certificates per $100.00 to one performance per certificate, there is no guarantee that the project will proceed past the development stage, nor that any specific performance will be held in any particular venue.*


Please check *


 *  I understand that my coupon: (1) has an expiration date of December 31, 2019 – the 100th anniversary year of the publication of Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas in English.  (2) is not redeemable for anything other than entrance to a performance connected with the intended In the Spirit of Steiner Festival.  (3) is not redeemable for cash or credit and has a nominal value of $.00001.  (4) may be considered a service in exchange for my gift which might render my $100 gift ineligible for a charitable tax deduction, notwithstanding that Lemniscate Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Please consult your own tax advisor.